Attention!  We Are Not A Commercial School, We are a Non-Profit Community Partnership!
Psalms 144: 1.  Blessed be the Lord my strength
which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight
Grandmaster Hal T. Haywood, Jr. "Our Martial Arts System Overseer"
KWK is a church controlled martial arts program. We
seek community organizations to partner with us to
provide space to offer the "Satllite" program and/or to
supplement our financial responsibilities free of charge
to the community.

Without getting into repetitious information about the
style and teaching methods of the KWK System to
faciliate the partnership, we would like to simply exres
that The Bread Of Life Church and Bishop Haywood
have forged many strong healthy and consistent
relationships, we have a deep commitment to the
community we serve.

All that is needed are 5-things:
  1. Space to provide the program
  2. A block of 90-120 minutes 2 or 3 days per week
  3. Access to changing rooms/bathrooms
  4. Mention in publication and/or website
  5. A place to store equipment IE bags, mats etc.

All instructors are cleared by Bread Of Life Church and
are safe instructors.  Although we would be in a
partnerhip, we carry our own liability insurance through
our own orgnization and will hold the partnership agency
harmles as the primary source of responsibility of our
independent program.

Publicity will be shared with the partner organization for
tournament, media interviews and the like.  Any and all
grant funding will be used to promote and enhance the
partner site.

Thank you for your consideration.  
Bishop Sensei Haywood