Because we found ourselves continually Responding to weekly and sometimes even daily incidents; we began to act as universal 24-hour activist with little or
no resources.   Therefore FDL C-PAC is designed to be the social and civil ministry arm of Bread Of Life Institutional Ministries to serve the community at large
partnering with any and all present and forming organizations doing good that fit our Priority Issue Profile, so long as it does not compromise our Christian
Views and Principles.   We pull from other Christian and Secular Action Councils from around the country for training and ideas that face or challenge similar
situations.  Therefore FDL C-PAC functions as a  purely Christian based community action advocacy council that focuses on the social, civil and civic  needs of
families and individuals in the city and county of Fond du Lac with non-secular interference.

Our mission is to deal with hard issue facing a growingly diverse community of ethnic minorities and the economically and socially distressed  or repressed
majority; to create answers through prayer, fellowship and action while initiating a positive grassroots solution for quick response.    

Secondarily our focus is to reinforce and effectuate positive change in public and municipal policy, again --while partnering with existing or developing
organizations, institutions and private business --especially in the downtown and lower economic areas.

We Believe That Government & Community Are One --Indivisible Under GOD...
And  That  History  Must  Be Heard,  Seen,  Exercised  and  Remembered!

Although there have been many positive resolves and changes fostered, and incidents looked into and addressed by a select few individuals and organization
in Fond du Lac, the following are Germaine to Bread Of Life.

October 2000:  BOLFWCC Worship Services were Clandestinely Dispossessed from meeting at the ARMADA HOTEL after the Medium Meeting Room rental
went from $50-$100 to $300+ for each use.  To date; no meeting rooms except the Grand Ballroom command a $300+ usage rate for any group but ours.
(UPDATE: As of October 2006, The Ramada Hotel has welcomed The Bread Of Life Church to once again meet temporarily with a kind-reduced rate of $100
for the Large Ball Room. God is Good!)

February and March 2001: Letters circulated door to door slandering our ministry, pastors, members and visiting ministers, attempting to draw attention to
past financial hardships and urging residents to call police for just about any and every thing. (a copy of these letters will be posted)

June 2001: Our outdoor community bazaar / church function was closed down by the city police via one phone call complaint.   The City Clerk's office either
intentionally or mistakenly gave bad instructions to us on permits needed.   They admitted that they periodically have issued permits  to similar organization for
similar events (but some how we were missed).   This caused a huge loss of food, time and money for our ministry and the sponsors of the event.  There was
never a satisfactory resolve even after meeting with the city.  To the credit of the Reporter News Paper,  a full front page and middle section was
(UPDATE: Since 2005 Bread Of Life has experienced good relationships with the civic authorities in Fond du Lac and have influenced numerous

December 26th, 2002: The racial slurs: ("KKK - NIGGER") was written in 6-10 Foot Block Style Letters in the snow in front of our Church.  The Police really
did not do much about it, and The Fond du Lac Reporter News Paper refused to print the actual language and did not bother to do any follow up story or even
grant a brief interview, theirs response was that they did not want to give any more legitimacy to the perpetrators than they had to.   In response,  Rev.
Haywood wrote an article in the comment section of the Reporter entitled: "The FDL Pledge", FDL meaning: Freedom Diversity and Love in Fond Du
(UPDATE: Although the issue of the racial slur in the snow was never solved or even looked into, The Reporter News Paper has featured Bread Of Life,
Bishop Haywood and Pastor Bev in many positive articles.

Summer of 2002:  The Fond du Lac Police Department in a Gestapo manner continually intruded upon the rights of mostly minority citizens in the Hamilton
area and in front of the Pastors home many times almost on a daily basis.  Pastors Herb & Bev had strong word with he Police Department regarding this and
the heavy handed tactics eased up.   We would also like to mention that Church of Peace also had a role in speaking up in matters gone bad in the Hamilton
(UPDATE: the FdL Police Dept. Has done a community forum at the Bread Of Life Church. Also of special note; the son of Bishop Haywood and Pastor
Bev became the first Black Police Officer in Fond du Lac after advancing past many candidates and receiving the highest scores and since has received
awards of appreciation and heroism along with fellow officers)

Through Out 2003 and in 2004:  A major Fox Valley Grocery Chain,  a major Local Employer and a Nation Real Estate Company and a Local FdL Agency
displayed, lies, biases, discriminatory and unethical practices against Bread Of Life Church, The Pastors and others in the minority community by denying
similar privileges and/or services that would be granted to the majority community under the same set of circumstances.   Actual Instances, and names have
been kept in our private files.

2000 - Present:  Since there are to many incidents to name in this section,ie., FdL Schools, Social Services, etc,  a suitable archive/bulletin board would be
developed to list in order each occurrence, issue and their resolve.  We will just say that multiple small to large incidents of outright racism and/or intrusions of
freedom, covert-intolerances and hidden codes of apathy by the Fond du Lac School System
(has instituted courageous conversation on race that Bishop
Haywood serves as a member)
, Fond du Lac Social Services Dept., Fond du Lac Police Dept.(much better with the new chief), Land-Lords, Stores,
Restaurants, Employers and Residents are all in need of continued monitoring and action.